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Influence of words like ‘Trend, Lifestyle, Brand’ in our life

The harmony of family is achieved by basic factors like understanding and caring between the members, good health and living way and most importantly financial security. The expenses and income should always be tallied. Recent researches suggest most of the family spend more than their half of the incomes in shopping malls. Why?

Earlier it used to be a once in a while family gathering where the members used to show off their holiday and shopping pictures, now in the digital era, we should prove that we have the best life in the world by sharing your photos on social networks immediately, to make sure that we are following the trends. “My new Prada bag” ,”my new Fendi shoes”, posts like this are so common among urban women. Men are not less too, they want the most luxurious cars ,jackets and blazers. To own these expensive designer brands your income should match certain standards. Often a middle class family suffer by the end of the month. The greed always results in corruption and imbalance.

The pure affection for fast food is another cause for the uncontrollable expenditure , those who spend a lot on fast foods eventually spend a lot more at hospitals. Private hospitals are as expensive as five star hotels in our country now. To have secure life we should start making a proper family budget system

Try to follow these practices
1. Organic farming be a part of your life. Your children deserve to eat pure and healthy food.
2. Lets not waste electricity and water. Reducing the basic expense can help you to save a lot
3. Bio gas is also countable for a good budgeting system
4. Have a private life ,you don’t have to show off to the world what is the size of pizza you’re eating ,and colour of the coffee you’re drinking , honestly nobody is interested in your daily

Happiness and peace is all of us seek, so rather than going for momentary satisfactions, have a thought about future