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Inspiring Your Inner Vision; Chris Salzano will help you

Modern interiors are all about personality, so if your home is in need of an update now is a great time to experiment. But with so many trends and ideas to choose from it can all seem a little daunting. Fear not, Chris Salzano will help you find your inner stylist.

1. Moodboards
Are you a Scandi lover or a playful eclectic? The best way to discover your style is with mood boards. Start online with Pinterest then collect swatches and samples. You’ll soon get a sense of what you like and what works. Go with it. Challenge yourself to try something new from bright-coloured accessories to buying art. Enjoy the process.

2. Re-thinking lighting
Good lighting is crucial, without it your beautifully designed space won’t be seen in the best light – literally. Place mirrors near light sources to help bounce light around. Overhead lighting can be harsh so aim for little pools of light to create cosy corners, intimate dining or to highlight beautiful features. The more light sources there are the better. For instant mood changes fit dimmer switches.

3. Colour me happy
Colour can dramatically change atmosphere and trick the eye into making a room appear bigger or smaller. Choose warm colours like reds to make walls appear closer – great for creating a cosy, inviting dining area. Opt for cooler shades like blues to make your walls recede for a sense of space. If you’re apprehensive, start small with a hallway or cloakroom where you don’t tend to spend much time.

4. The dark side
It’s a bold move but a very popular one: dark decor is having its day in interiors and black is definitely back. Dark colours can raise a space to another level by adding depth and interest. Large rooms can feel cosier and dark hues offer a sense of drama as well as acting as a great backdrop.

5. Using Neutrals
Grey is the new go to neutral and great for letting architectural detail take centre stage or throwing focus onto a statement piece. Use neutrals for a restful look in the bedroom and layer with cosy textures. Neutrals are important in balancing schemes.

6. Find space
We all crave more space so create the illusion in small rooms by having furniture with exposed legs or if your ceilings are low go for low-level seating so they appear higher. In the kitchen, large floor tiles will make the space appear bigger as will open shelving. For the bathroom choose wall hung units to show more floor space.

7. Find a balance
Scale and balance are important for a harmonious room, so offset objects by their visual weight like a generous sofa with a large rug. Designers love to pair items for a finished look – like lamps either side of a bed. For vignettes look to the power of three – coffee table or shelf displays work best in odd numbers.

8. Texture and patterns
Talking of texture, even the simplest decorated space can look amazing using texture – think Nordic interiors with light woods and sheepskin throws. Textiles like rugs, cushions and throws transform spaces and while the general rule of thumb is not to mix patterns, clashing is on-trend at present.

9. Make an impression
Having a statement piece like a gorgeous chandelier, beautiful artwork or piece of furniture draws the eye and brings drama to any room. It also provides a focal point to design from. Make a big impression with the front door, and beautiful flooring will be appreciated as soon as visitors step inside. The hallway is a great place to use pattern and bold colour. Hanging a statement mirror or light fitting will draw people inside.

10. Go with the flow
With our love of open-plan living, flow is all important. Consider a cohesive colour palette and use throughout the space. Zone areas using one or two colours to highlight their main uses and go for one type of flooring. Hang a pendant over the table to define the eating area, and use a large rug for the living space.

Remember rules can be broken, so channel your interior rebel and go for it.

Credit: Christina Salzano