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September 9, 2016 Comments Off on Iru mugan: a lot similar to movie I, huge let down for the fans Views: 4469 Entertainment, Reviews

Iru mugan: a lot similar to movie I, huge let down for the fans

Irumugan Vikrams new avatar both in black and white characters seemingly to have caught everyone’s eye before the release. Although Vikram did well with his challenge the film was a huge let down for audience. Love the new avatar for Vikram was a suitable character for Vikram and made the film bearable to watch.

Nayanthara after some major hits in her career like maya, comes in a gorgeous outfit right in front of you along with Nithya menon who didnt come off such a glamour star.

The movie starts with some punch and interesting scenes of events where the audience expects a lot of action-romance packed adventure. Though Anand shankar tried to do something different in the start it continued to be just another regularly treated tamil cinema.

The script for Irumugan had potential to be Vikrams next hit on the silver screen. But many scenes suggest the theme of the film to be very similar to his previous hit movie I. Irumugan from every angle is far from refreshing and the time for change has passed by. The direction and visualization for the script board is the weakness in Irumugan.

Examining the visual language of the cinema, cinematography was not so impressive but the color tones and editing work made glitter to glamour on screen. The song halena is a big hit and goes to the credit Harris Jayraj. But the rest bgms don’t give such an expected adrenaline rush to the movie.
Sure we all love looking at good looking people but that’s not just what cinema is about. Irumugan is just another fast moving vikram flavored tamil cinema but the audience doesn’t expect much from such cinemas anymore.