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Causes and remedies for itchy testicles

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Itching on testis is a common problem suffered by most men. It is no more a secret now. Proper precautions and treatments are readily available. Some jobs demand continuous siting posture. Pants and underwear of synthetic fibre can cause sweating under thighs and later develop itching.

Certain precautions can be taken to avoid itching. Use only one underwear a day. Dispose used undergarments once in every three months. Use dettol to wash undergarments.If the toilet is common, flush it using warm water.

Boil water using neem leaves and take a bath with it. Wash thoroughly the affected area. Make a paste using salt and mehandi leaves and apply it over and wash it off. Mix some petrol with double the amount of coconut milk and apply the mixture in itching area ( beware of using petrol). Mix Nimbadi choornam with sour cheese and apply later ‘Mahathikthaka lepam’ and leave it overnight.




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