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Kangana landed in hot water: private mails to Hritik leaked

Bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut and Hritik Roshan already has the ugliest wars in the name of their affair. Both of them were shamelessly alleging many things each other. Even though Hritik Roshan has denied the allegation, the main complaint she alleged was Hritik had sent her ill mails. But today this allegation has split because many of Kangana’s personal mails were leaked out. All mails are proving Hritik’s imposter.  It now pushed Kankana to the hot water of controversy.

kankana mail 1Kangana had sent around 3000 mails to Hritik over a period of few years. Most of the mails show that the actor did not send any mail to Kangana. New mails also show that Kangana’s sister Rangoli contacted Hritik by mail and said him to leave Kangana alone. As a response to her mail Hritik has sent a mail requesting to meet him if it is not a joke and Rangoli has agreed to meet. In the mails to Rangoli,  he clears that the email id to which Kangana is sending mail is not his.

However last few years stars were fighting together very badly.

kankana mail 2

kankana mail 3



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