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April 19, 2016 Comments Off on Do you know why girls often hate marriage? Views: 4529 Featured, Men & Women

Do you know why girls often hate marriage?

Marriage is a social institution of sharing and loving obviously. But in new generation a trend of delaying or avoiding marriage is increasing. Girls are often not ready to marry even the person whom they loved. Why it is so? Have you ever thought about the reasons that draw them back from marriage?  Conservative people are in constant struggle with such girl now days. But you know? They have their own reasons for this. Have a look on this.

Love: it is a most common reason of many girls opposing marriage. They might have fall in love with somebody and the family may not ready to accept them. Especially now youngsters are out of all kind of boundaries about love today. They believe in unconditional love which do not control or compel to anything. There are no forbidden walls like religion or cast or age for loving someone. Old generation will never accept it.

Freedom: everyone enjoys freedom whereas one can find his/her real self. Girls are little different now. They love to travel, to be in friendship with many without any barriers. They seek all type of freedom according to their own concepts of rights and wrong. They keep self-esteem and individuality more than old days. Thus they think that marriage will cut it off completely. It pulls them from marrying somebody.

Responsibility:  it is another reason for girls. Marriage brings a bundle of responsibility upon one’s head. The existing marriage system makes them afraid of managing this responsibility.

Good Education and Job: many girls delaying their marriage before accomplishing their academic and professional aims. Marital life often make barrier to attain desired qualification and goals in academic level.

Hatred towards family system: they think existing family system is very boring and mechanical in a level. Most of its systems badly affect girls. Sometime they even not ready to listen a women’s inner scream for self-desires and existence.   Many families consider women only for managing kitchen and controlling children at home. It cause for hatred towards familial system and marriage.

Inner Biases: when thinking about marriage many biases come to the mind of a girl. Like they may not like to separate from the family in which they born and bought up. Many girls are afraid of accepting and staying with completely an unknown family and man. Also some girls hesitate to love and believe many of the men in the world due to the personal and social negative experiences from a patriarchal society.

These are the main reasons behind most of the girls hesitate to marry someone. Like each element of the universe, girls also love to fly high… they want to be respected… they wish to enjoy and experience each moment of their life.



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