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June 17, 2016 Comments Off on Do you know little plants purifying your indoor air at home? Views: 2407 Featured, Home Style

Do you know little plants purifying your indoor air at home?

Are you feeling happy at home? Want to hang out there for a long time? Wish to set more parties at home? Do you want to rekindle the lovely times with your beloved in a cool air? Yeas… you can make your home such a heaven with fresh and cool air. It is indeed to have pure air to hang out somewhere. Even if it is in home or outside you want to stay. There are some magical plants which can be work as an air purifier. At the same time beautiful and cute to plant inside your home.

Have a look on this:
1 Boston fern plants: It has a strong capacity to remove formaldehyde than any other plants. It also removes pollutants like benzene and xylene which are the components of gasoline. But you need to feed them weekly at the beginning and monthly during monsoon.

2. Palm trees: Palm trees are also a very good air purifier at the same time it is easy to take care. Dwarf date palm is the best formaldehyde remover. The palm trees remind you warmth.

3. English ivy: it grown both inside and outside. While growing outside it also removes all kind of formaldehyde. It needs the part sun and part shade to grow.

4. Peace Lily: this is one of house plants which bloom indoor. Lily with sea-shell shaped petals will bring thought of summer into a dreary winter.

5. Golden Pothos: these are often mistakenly called as philodendrons, which are related plants that are equally good at removing air pollutants. It is easy to plane and look after those who are less experienced indoor gardening.