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Know What Your Underwear Says About You

Cotton Bikini
You love laughing more than any other activity, which is great because you have a great giggle that makes everyone around you smile, too. As a kid, you always tried to make everyone around you feel included, and you’re still the same kind, empathetic person today. When your friends need advice, they come to you first because they know you’ll be honest but gentle.

Boy Shorts
You’re a sporty girl with a great butt. Nothing looks quite as adorable as a pair of ass cheeks hanging out the back of a pair of flirty boy shorts. You’re the kind of girl who dresses for herself and your style is easy-going and free. You’re the kind of woman people depend on, one who can lead a group with comfort and ease. You’re innovative and charismatic, but you’re also very social and friendly. You’re a go-getter and a hard worker. You put comfort first so you can always be on your game. You don’t have time to waste buying expensive, frilly panties when you have so much on your plate.

Given the choice, you always prefer a good whiskey cocktail over a glass of beer. You often feel like you were born in the wrong decade. When it comes to pop culture, you wish all the celebrities of today — as well as their crazy awards show performances and social media antics — could be replaced by Old Hollywood starlets and leading men. You have an all-time favorite shade of red lipstick that makes you feel amazing whenever you wear it.

You’re extremely ambitious. Once you set your eyes on a goal, whether it’s in your career or in your personal life, nothing can keep you from reaching it — even if you have to put up with a little discomfort to get there. You balance this zeal with lots of love for your family and friends, who all think of you as one of the most consistently put-together people they know.

You try to add a little extra elegance into everything you do. Sophia Loren is your ultimate style icon, but you always prefer to blaze your own trail rather than follow somebody else’s. You believe in balancing practicality with style — nobody will ever catch you in 4″ heels unless they’re deceptively comfy.

Panties With Text
You still have the same amount of energy as you did in your early 20s. People regularly call you “bubbly,” “cute,” and “adorable,” which you feign annoyance towards but secretly enjoy. You love to listen to the radio and, as a result, know at least half the words to every Top 40 hit on the charts right now. You have never passed by a dog you didn’t want to pet.

Granny Panties
You don’t believe in being uncomfortable for the sake of style, no matter what. You’ll put on a dress every now and again, but only one that is ultra-comfortable and not too expensive. That said, you have a tendency to splurge on fancy cupcakes every now and again. (They’re so cute and perfectly decorated!)

Either you really love all things vintage. Or you were born in the mid-19th century, just in time for the bloomer craze of 1851.