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September 17, 2016 Comments Off on Knowing These 10 Tricks Might Save Your Life in a Fight Views: 1711 Lifestyle

Knowing These 10 Tricks Might Save Your Life in a Fight

#1 Ditch your handbag while running
If you are being attacked by a dog or a maniac and you are trying to run away. You should know that your baggage will probably slow you down. So it might be a good idea to ditch your purse or handbag and run without it.

#2 Give up your wallet
If you are being held at gunpoint it’s better to give up your wallet, it’s not worth getting hurt in the time of action.

#3 Keep moving
Important thing to remember is when you are in a fight that you can’t win. You have to find the pace to keep moving and avoid getting hit.

#4 Head butt your way out!
Don’t be afraid to use your head as a weapon. Give a headbutt to your enemy. Don’t fear the pain as a head butt actually does more harm to your enemy than you.

#5 Get to your kitchen
If someone has broken into your home or your house is being attacked. The safest place to be is your kitchen. You have knives and all sorts of materials that can be used as weaponry.

#6 Try elevator madness
If you have to take an elevator to escape someone who is chasing you–press all the buttons, it will slow them down.

#7 Pressurize Them
Learn and remember the pressure points of the body in case you ever need to physically defend yourself.

#8 Be Alarming
Shout out loud when you are in danger. The way to dominate your enemy is to scream and look directly in the eyes of your enemy. Be ready for action and not afraid. Yell something like “Fire” or Bomb” if you need back up

#9 Zip Out Of Zip ties
If you are tied up. You can get out of this lock using your body weight.. Check out youtube for multiple methods.

#10 Run With The Pack
Safest way to escape from a fight is to run in packs. If there is gun firing running in packs is the best way to stay safe. You will be protected among them.