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Learn what you can do to clear nicotine from your lungs

Have you been a daily smoker your entire life? The damage has already been done. The first step is to quit the puff. Once you start to say no to a smoke, you are choosing a healthier life. The next step is to breathe fresh and stay away from crowded polluted places. There are ways to clean your lungs from the impure substance known as nicotine. But it requires you to stay disciplined and follow a strict diet. Vitamin A, K, C and B are the magic carrot-juiceletters that can help clean your lungs and rid it of nicotine. How to get them inside you? Its simple! Carrot juice, lots and lots of carrot juice will do the trick!Carrot juice is also great when it comes to lung health, and protecting the respiratory system from infections.

Here is a list of natural ingredients that help to remove nicotine from the lungs quickly.
Carrot Juice: Take 2-3 fresh carrots, blend it with a bit of water in a grinder and drink the juice.

Carrot juice is rich in vitamins and it helps eliminate nicotine from the lungs. It also helps to replenish the body with the vitamins. Vitamins that you loose due to smoking can be regained by drinking carrot juice thrice a day. Try this for a week and you feel a fresh wave of air go inside your lungs once you are done.