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Learn how to foster your kids creativity

A child’s creativity is beyond limitless imagination. A parents duty is to foster that imagination into something beautiful. Teach your young one to shape up his creativity and strengthen his mind.

Aspire to Be an Architect
Buy building blocks for your child. Find out where his creative passion lies. Visit your favorite playground and evaluate what your child loves most about it. Start some conversations to inspire him to design an original jungle gym or swing set. Start with graph paper and have him illustrate diagrams and plans with specific placement of each piece of equipment. Then create a visual representation using straws, cardboard, toilet paper, and paper towel rolls

Invent a Superhero Identity
Most kids live in superhero land and wants powers of his own. Give him the color pencils and sketch board to create his own super powered hero. He can even do episodes on the character every day to widen his imagination skills. Ask your child what super powers she would like to have and what superhero name she would choose.

Have him make up funny columns
Create a storyboard and have him fill in each box by drawing a scene with a speech bubble. Come up with a name for the comic strip and each of the characters. “When children realize that writing is a medium for communicating their ideas and stories, the possibilities for expression become limitless” says Mariah Bruel in Playful Learning. Discover your child’s talent for writing or drawing comic situations through this activity

A Family Book Club will be joyful
Meet families from the neighborhood or school and take turns choosing age-appropriate books each month and writing a list of questions for discussion about the characters, plots, themes, and settings. Make the meetings a fun and opportunistic.

Plan a Political Platform
Your kids are too young to vote, and doesn’t know much about politics. But it is important that he learns along the way. Suggest two child-friendly opposing topics) and have two children choose which topic each would like to represent. Talk about the debates that happen during a campaign and create posters, slogans, and arguments to illustrate why one choice is better than the other one.

Launch a Family Blog
Design a private family wiki page or blog with updated photos and videos from trips, holidays, and special events. This is a great way to stay connected while enhancing everyone’s computer skills. Adult supervision is important for internet access