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September 17, 2016 Comments Off on Here are 5 International trips Indians can make within a budget of One lakh! Views: 2144 Travel

Here are 5 International trips Indians can make within a budget of One lakh!

Do you love to travel and see the world? But you don’t have enough savings in your bank for a luxury trip. Dont worry you can make a budget trip and visit these nations without having to spend more than one lakh. If you are having no budget in your bank you can set a goal for yourself and go on the trip when you have enough money.

There are amazing places to see and amazing events to experiences when you visit these nations. Foreign trips are not all that elusive as they are mad out to be and can also fit the budget pocket.

1. Turkey
Best place to visit in Europe without having much money in your pocket. You can adjust your trips according to budget. Be wise and remember not to overspend your money anywhere. Turkey is one of the cheapest ways to explore Europe. Plan well and prepare in advance and the trip will not set you back by more than One lakh rupees. if you do not include the shopping! The airfares aren’t that bad and turkish cuisine is to die for.

2. Sri Lanka
Just near India and not that expensive to travel to, Sri Lanka is so beautiful but not on many Indians’ travel list. Sri Lanka has a rich heritage and culture and there are so many exciting places to see. . The food won’t be too much of a problem too as just like us Indians, the Sri Lankans love their spices too and you can get a whole lot of variety.

3. Bhutan
If you love Buddhism this is the place you should visit and just like a monk you dont need to tick mark luxury on your trip list. You’ll fall in love with the place as it is deeply religious and spiritual also. Bhutan is nestled in nature’s own lap. Bhutan also offers a host of adventure sports and is quickly emerging as a adventure sport destination. So then, there’s something for the adrenaline lover in there too.

4. Dubai (UAE)
Probably the most common destination for Indians. Dubai packages are available online for really cheap and always remember – if you can get it that cheap in a tour, you can easily plan your own trip in the same cost. You can even try some of the adventure sports that Dubai has to offer. Be open to schemes and offers from local agencies.

5. Thailand
This is a honeymooner’s destination.Thailand is also a shopping heaven and a great place to visit with friends too. Whatever kind of trip you want, Thailand can provide it. From shoe-string budgets to high-end places, Thailand has it all. Definetely one of the best options for an international trip, low budget or not!