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June 9, 2016 Comments Off on Less semen count in men sleeping wearing undergarment Views: 4185 Men & Women

Less semen count in men sleeping wearing undergarment

Researches state that the amount of semen will be less in men who sleep wearing under garments. Some fabric type or local brand can cause sweat and thereby infection. This may cause several diseases, also infertility. Not only in sleeping time, use of low quality and low price undergarments will have the same issue. Better use branded and high quality under garments for healthy life.

To sleep nude at night is best. A group of researchers from New York opine that men have to suffer more the consequences of wearing undergarments at sleep time. They advice to avoid dress and sleep nude. It is better to follow western nightwear. It has been discovered earlier that sleeping nude is good for relaxation and beneficial for health too.