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Lessons on marital life that divorced people must be knowing

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Divorced people have “burned” and emerged, and most often for the best. We know better — we want better. We understand marriage in an intimate yet difficult way. Some of us wish we did things differently — some of us wish we had married a better fit. No matter what the tale, you can learn a lot about the value and delicacies of marriage from someone who loved and lost.Here may be some of the lessons they may have learnt from their failed marriage.

1. Marriage is not always exciting. Finding the joy in the day-to-day will serve your marriage well.

2. A good marriage means getting your hands dirty. Participating each day. Not expecting perfection.

3. We are all under construction as works in progress. Accept your partner as long as he or she is working on it.

4. Intimacy is the one thing that separates your marriage from your other relationships. Nurture it.

5. A good marriage requires two people who are both still learning about life and each other.

6. Sometimes, marriage requires you to bend down and tie your partner’s shoes when he or she just can’t do it.

7. Expect there to be some serious storms in your marriage. You might question your love for your partner and feel alone at times.

8. But good marriages have two partners who work through tough times and see the light of a brand-new, better day.



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