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June 16, 2016 Comments Off on Let children sleep calmly, or it can adversely affect their health Views: 1674 Health

Let children sleep calmly, or it can adversely affect their health

Disturbing the sleep of children can adversely affect their health. There are several factors that keep the child away from healthy sleep. The electronic gadgets are in the forefront. According to the studies carried out by Academy of sleep medicine at Ellanio, America reveal that ‘sleep’ plays a vital role in maintaining their health.

Sleeplessness eventually leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and tension. Later they show a trait of suicidal tendency. Dr.Shalini Pharudy states that the children should be trained to take sound sleep to overcome this crisis.

There are some good qualities in the children who sleep well. Sleep accelerates memory power, responsibility and maintain enthusiasm throughout life.

Doctors suggests the required duration of sleep for different age groups which is tabulated below

Age group    duration
4-12 months   12-16h
1-2yr                 11-14h
3-5yr                 10-13
6-12y                 9-12h
13-18y               8-10 h

Sound sleep would enhance physical and mental growth- says Nathaniel Watson, President, American Academy of sleep medicine. The studies were published in their journal.