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Lime juice remedy for 10 ailments

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It is a known fact that lime juice is an energy booster. Lime juice mixed with warm water helps in the weight reduction. It is a remedy for many physical ailments and lifestyle diseases. A glass of juice keeps you away from doctor. The antioxidants present in it provides immunization. It removes toxic substances from the body and improves liver health.

1. Against acnes
Lime juice acts against bacteria (anti bacterial) and water removes toxic substances from the body. Combination of these two will eliminate acne.

2. Controls diabetics
Consuming limejuice reduce the interest for sweet/sugar. Diseases like diabetics can be controlled through this.

3. Kidney stone
The presence of citrate content in lime juice help in dissolving stone and removes it completely from the body.

4. Increases immunity
Squeeze lime into lukewarm water will increase immunity. This is also a preventive for cold and flu.

5. For Breathing Problems
Most people suffer from breathing problem. Asthma is a common ailment of the day. Lime juice is used to eliminate oedema and puzz from the body. Its prevents the alcoholic addiction to a great extent.



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