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Lime juice remedy for 10 ailments

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6. Strengthens muscles
Lime juice prevents the formation of lactic acid. This helps to eliminate muscular problems and strengthens muscles.

7. Food poisoning
The best solution for food poisoning, the acid content will help in diluting poisonous substances.

8. Removes bowel problem
Mix lime juice with black tea reduces diarrhea. Mix lime juice with equal amount of ginger juice, 4-5 crushed cardamom and a teaspoon ful of sugar. Acidity and Gastroenteric problems can be solved using lime juice.

9. Flu and cold
Lime juice is the best medicine to get rid of flu and cold.

10. Reduce fat
One lemon squeezed in lukewarm / warm / cold water (as the case may be) help in weight reduction. It also eliminates phlegm from the body and keeps it healthy.

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