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April 22, 2016 Comments Off on These little bad habits cause damage to your brain, you know? Views: 1147 Health

These little bad habits cause damage to your brain, you know?

The intelligence and mental power is very important to our daily life. How could one get good intellectual and memory power without taking care of the brain health? No way.  It is indeed to have too much caring about our brain. Some little ignorance and bad habits can lead to the serious health issues like stroke and brain infection. You must take care of such bad habits in your daily life. Let us check them out.

Do not avoid having breakfast: breakfast is very important to the smooth function of brain. So avoiding breakfast will affect the brain badly.

Stop over eating: eating always gives some work to the brain. When somebody makes a habit of over eating this will lead brain to work load. It causes the damage of the brain.

Say goodbye to smoking: everyone knows that smoking is injurious to lungs. But it not only affect lungs, but also brain too.  Damage to both Lungs and brain is same by smoking.

Avoid having over sweet: intake of over sweet will cause the normal functioning of brain badly.

Reduce maximum amount of making pollution: making pollution is affecting your all over body. Especially it affects more our brain.

Do not promote sleepless nights: we know that less sleep is a disorder named Insomnia. The lack of sleep makes the brain to work more time. The brain requires enough time to rest. Otherwise it will damage the total working of your body.

Do not cover your head while sleeping: enough oxygen supply is indeed to our whole body function. When the oxygen supply decreases it will affect the brain more than any other organ. So, covering the head will cause decreasing this supply.

These are very silly habits that we even do not think of a dangerous after effects. So be aware of it and lead a healthy life.



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