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How to lose weight using water?

Weight loss takes time,and it is no stroll in the park.There are countless people who have tried out every method under the sun to lose weight,yet ended up disappointed.Here is a new method to shed those extra calories.

Here are three quick tips on how you can add more water to your diet and become trimmer.

1. Carry a bottle of water.
The body is made up of 70 per cent water. If your brain doesn’t get enough water, headaches are going to result.Lack of water in the body is going to adversely affect weight loss.So always replenish.You can use lime or lemon to your bottle of water to add a kick and will help you lose weight faster.

2. Water rich snacks and fruits.
Gorge on water-rich fruits and veggies. Always go for fruits that are in season but for the purpose of a lean lifestyle, eat more veggies and fewer fruits. Eat these during the day – they are low in calories and will fill you longer.

3. Ice water.
One of the best ways to lose weight is to drink iced water. Here’s why – iced water counteracts the body’s natural desire to maintain its 98.68Fahrenheit (normal body temperature). The ice forces the body to raise your metabolism which increases the rate at which fat is burnt without you even working a muscle.