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Lose Your Weight Without Starvation and Exercise: But in This Way!

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According to Japanese physician Fukutsudzi, without any diet, hard exercise or spending money, it is possible for women to lose weight easily.

You should practice this exercise three times a day for five minutes.You don’t need any special tools for loosing weight, only need a big towel, twine or ribbon to fasten the towel in roll, and flat surface.

Doctor Fukutsudzi found out that the main cause of fat in the waist area is just in variance pelvic bones and subcostal bone.

After discovering this, he devised this method to be a quick and easy way that you can solve the surplus around the waist.


The procedure steps:
1. Towel bent to roll and wrap some tape to secure
2. Sit on a firm surface, preferably on the floor.
3. Bent towel put under your back, in level with the navel and then lie down (towel should be slightly wider than the width of the back).
4. Spread the legs apart at shoulder width and bend your feet so that they can touch only thumbs
5. Extend your arms fully above your head, turn the palms down and connect the small finger of your right and left hand
First few times reach out as far as you can, because it is difficult to reach the end of the hand, but be sure to connect small fingers and thumbs on your feet.

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