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Five qualities that women adore in their husbands

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What a loving husband should do for his pregnant wife

A pregnant woman always expects care and attention from her better half. sweetheart is no piece of cake.A loving husband should make his wife feel confident and secure that you`ll be there for her during these trying nine months. Here are some ways to make a pregnant wife feel assured.

1. Let her speak her heart out.
Ask your wife to open up.Show her that you care about what she feels. Ask her about her feelings and changing moods.

2. Read a lot of pregnancy books.
To get a fair idea about pregnancy, read a lot of related books.That way you can empathize and know how to help.

3. Prepare yourself.
A pregnant woman would crave a lot.Find her what she wants and provide her. No questions asked.

4. Accompany her to the doctor.
Make your show the fact that you are with her all the way in the pregnancy. Accompany her on the visits to the doctor.Such trips will also help you understand what`s going on with her pregnancy and will be better prepared to help her.

5. Buy her chocolates.
Pamper her as much as you can. Get her flowers and chocolates every now and then.

6. Go out on dates.
Plan a romantic date setting and take her out to break the monotony. It will be a real mood changer.