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September 7, 2016 Comments Off on Lunala or Half moon on your Nails has more secrets to reveal! Views: 18449 Awareness, Featured

Lunala or Half moon on your Nails has more secrets to reveal!

Secrets can be understood by looking at your hands. The future maybe mysterious and bewildering for some, but here is a way you can look into your future and find the secrets lurking in it.

Have you ever imagined that the answer lies in your finger nails? But it’s true! Secrets can be revealed just by examining your finger nails and the ridges of your Hand fingers. It is also possible to determine the personality and character of a person through this method.

Lunala is an important part of the finger nail and its design can show suitable features of personalities in a person.

There are two types of lunala
1. General Lunula
2. Decreasing Lunula

If you look carefully at the Half moon in your fingernails, you can understand the half moon is a part of the lower part of the nails. In hindi Lunala is called the little moon. This is due to its shaped according to a half moon. Lunala shows good sign of health and wealth in the future. Findings lead to the theory that there are lots of unrevealed secrets about the Lunala. Medical experts conclude there are other diseases connected to the body that can be revealed from the study of the half-moon.

Warn your friends and share the news about the secrets of the Half moon and its cure to Iron deficiency in your body as well as these, Thyroid or Pituitary Gland and Possible B-12 about the warning.