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Lunch tips for weight loss

A bowl of lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and croutons isn’t lunch. At least, not by itself. Just like vegetable soup, plain garden salads are too low in protein to sustain you through dinnertime. At the very least, you need some protein (like chickpeas or salmon) and healthy fat (like nuts, seeds, or avocado) in order for this to count as a legitimate meal. The temptation to save calories by skipping your actual lunch so you can indulge in that frosted confection is real. It’s also a terrible idea. You know that cake offers zero nutrition. Even worse, all that sugar and white flour will cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. Which means at 3 o’clock, you’ll find yourself craving another slice.

What are your options for lunch?
Rotis, buttermilk, dal, salad and sabzi
Whole wheat roti roll with leftover chicken or subzi
A burger
A salad with meats and nuts, or a vegetable salad with whole wheat bread
Soup and bread, a handful of nuts