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July 10, 2016 Comments Off on Majority of Indians dislike intercourse at first night Views: 17082 Lifestyle

Majority of Indians dislike intercourse at first night

First night is so special as far as the newly wedded couples are concerned. It is infact the most awaited moment in their life. Studies reveal that majority of coupled are not interested in intercourse at first night itself. Reports say that the main reason for the dislike is prolonged marriage ceremony and alcoholic dosage.

Most of them who participated in the survey disclosed the fact that they were tired after the function. But some of them insisted on the necessity of having intercourse at the first night itself. They also shared their own experience. Some of them were unable to recollect whether they had it or not since they were drunk.

In most Indian families bride was taken to groom’s home. For the healthy start of s – – xual relation comfortable environment is a must. Girls find their own bedroom a suitable place for the kick off. Most grooms agree with this decision often. It may take three or four days indeed.


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