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Male habits that women dislike

Men will be men, however polished they are, there are certain habitual traits that they just cant get over.These habits can be most annoying for their women partners or friends.

1. Advice On How To Fix Problems at inopportune moments
Sometimes women talk about their problems without wanting advice on how to solve them. A radical concept! But it is born of a basic human need: the need to vent.Whatever the situation, it can be annoying to be given obvious advice. If she isn’t asking you for advice, maybe she doesn’t want it.

2. Tendency To Have A Debate
Debating isn’t necessarily fun! It can be exhausting to have everything you say questioned or argued with. If you don’t agree with something your date says, you don’t have to have a debate about it. Imagine being the guy she tells her friend about the next day: “It was so awful! He spent the whole main course arguing about why Breaking Bad was a better show than The Wire.” Pick your battles.

3. Expecting women to Entertain Them
Don’t just talk to women because you’re bored. The “I’m bored. What’s up?” text is something every woman has gotten, and it’s always annoying. Even worse, it has about as much s–x appeal as a wet sock. Now she’s thinking of you as a guy who has absolutely nothing fun or creative to say. Yuck. Similarly, you shouldn’t be expecting women to be doing the entertaining on dates. Too many guys sit back, fold their arms, and expect the woman to impress them.

3. Joking When Women Are Being Serious
It doesn’t mean that you’ll win her heart by firing off jokes when she’s in the middle of a work crisis! Contrary to popular opinion, it probably won’t make her feel better. She’s trying to talk about something that’s important to her and you’re seizing the opportunity to make a joke of five years ago.

4. Tongue-In-Cheek Compliments
Complimenting women is scary and for suckers because it makes you seem vulnerable. If you tell her how beautiful she looks, she might think you like her! Here’s the thing: you have to put yourself out there sometimes. A sincere, well-timed compliment will stay with her for a long, long time. And you want to be that guy who stays in her head for a long, long time.

5. Never Asking Us Questions About How they Are
She wants to date a man who’s interested in her life. What books she likes. What her favorite flavor of ice cream is. If you’re not psychic and you don’t ask her questions, how will you ever figure out it’s mint chocolate chip.