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November 10, 2016 Comments Off on Mammootty avoids journalist who posed provoking question Views: 8628 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Mammootty avoids journalist who posed provoking question

Last day social media was flooded with the news that megastar Mammootty gave a fitting reply to a journalist who asked him a provoking question. During an interaction on the sidelines of the Sharjah book fest leading journalist, M. C. A. Nazar asked Mammootty why he was not trying to be more popular by shedding his perceived arrogance. He had also said that it would be good if Mammootty became more approachable like Mohanlal. Mammootty responded by saying that the onus to change the attitude towards him, is upon those who harbor the perception that he is arrogant. Later during a much-publicised program in which Mammootty visited his school teacher in Dubai, the said journalist was allegedly avoided.It is heard that M. C. A. Nazar was not part of the team of journalists who accompanied Mammootty during the ‘Gurusamagamam’ program.

In his facebook post, Nazar has responded to the incident saying that he admires Mammootty a lot. Though he respects and loves the actor in Mammootty, it doesn’t mean that he can only ask questions that Mammootty feels good about.He adds that he has interviewed a lot of people including Pinarayi Vijayan, V. P. Singh etc and has never shied away from posing questions of every sort. Nazar says that he has interviewed Mohanlal in a detailed manner twice. Though he doesn’t like the actor in Mohanlal as much as Mammootty,the warmth in his attitude has always drawn towards him. He also mentions the way he was denied a byte by Mammootty during the shooting of Pathemari, despite waiting three hours. Nazar adds that he didn’t mean that Mammootty is arrogant,but is only talking about the perception that the actor generates with his attitude. Another senior journalist V. M. Satheesh has expressed solidarity with Nazar and adds that the Himalayan ego of Mammootty may have led him to react in such a manner to a pointed question. Satheesh says that Nazar deserves kudos for posing such a question to Mammootty, though a section of the media is trying to portraying the reaction as a peculiarity of Mammootty’s character.