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December 8, 2016 Comments (1) Views: 5351 Social Media

Manju Warrier’s strongly worded Fb post in memory of Jayalalithaa

Ace actress Manju Warrier’s post on the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has created a stir. She has said that though enemies may have negative things to say about Jayalalithaa, but still it is not an easy matter to stay in the hearts of Tamilians for decades. According to Manju, Jayalalithaa is the epitome of the fact that a woman can travel to any extent and reach great heights in life all alone. And it won’t be a surprise to see this post being construed as an indirect reply to Dileep. On the other hand, the death of Jayalalithaa also could mean that Dileep Kavya marriage news getting sidelined.

Death would have been hesitant to approach Jayalalithaa. How much effort was required to conquer her. Being Jayalalithaa, she was overpowering even death until the very end. Jayalalithaa’s victories were not easy to come by.Born in a normal family, then becoming a dancer then reaching films and then into politics, Jayalalithaa’s was a storied life. Throughout her life failures proved stepping stones to success for her. Like a firefly which transforms into a star and then into Sun, her growth was an evolution.

Her revolutions can be equated to a river which absorbs seas.Pranams to the peerless life of Puratchi Thalaivi.