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April 21, 2016 Comments Off on Men like ‘Sexy’: But they demand 5 other qualities for their girl Views: 2584 Men & Women

Men like ‘Sexy’: But they demand 5 other qualities for their girl

Generally Indian husbands have certain secrets which they don’t wish to reveal. There are some who lead a satisfied life with their destined life. A survey report reveals that most Indian men favors ‘sexy’ women, though they don’t reveal it. Apart from being beautiful from tip to toe, every man wishes, that her girl would be intellectual and homely. Such girls would be a gem for him. Some wish that his wife should be different in all means
Though all these are common, men also expect some other finer qualities in her

Majority of Indian husbands wish to have a self reliant life partner. They are interested in self reliant girls. They believe that such girls boost their fame and respect in the society.

To be self esteemed is one of the best ways to win a man’s heart. Men like such women very much. Even though they don’t reveal it, they wish their partners should be self esteemed.

Modern men like the flirting character of ladies in the new generation lifestyle. They believe that the life with this kind of women can maintain mutual love for ever.

It is a truth that everyone wishes to have an honest partner. Every man shares the same view to have a faithful life partner.

Men wishes to have a dedicated wife She should always be with him and serve him with whatever he wants. No man would like to have an acting person as their better half.