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July 25, 2016 Comments Off on Reasons why men need to pee sitting down Views: 11523 Health

Reasons why men need to pee sitting down

Some males prefer to urinate standing while others prefer to urinate sitting or squatting. It is personal preference, but there is some benefits of sitting while urinating . They are,

1. It can help ward of prostrate problems
In 2014 researchers at the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands found that sitting down to pee helped men suffering from Lower Urinary Tract disease symptoms to pee with greater force. Sitting creates “a more favourable urodynamic profile”, which helps ward off prostate problems.

2. Prevents Urinary tract infections
The researchers recommend that men with urinary tract diseases to consider peeing in the sitting position for emptying the bladder completely . Residual urine in the bladder is associated with increased prevalence of bladder stones and urinary tract infection.

3. Men who sit while peeing have a longer healthier s – – x life 
Standing to wee, may prevent proper urination, and without a full evacuation this can lead to prostrate problems, which leads to less and less s – – x over time.

4. It’s more relaxing
While standing, the body goes to great lengths to keep an erect spine and maintain posture. This activates many of the discrete muscles near the hips and pelvis. But when people sit, these pelvic and hip muscles are relaxed, making urination easier.

5. Hit the target 100% of the time
That is the most obvious benefit, but a huge benefit for all concerned. No longer having to get that little bit of toilet paper just to clean where you went off target.


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