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June 13, 2016 Comments Off on Miracle of jackfruit and gambooge (Malabar tamarind) Views: 7788 Awareness

Miracle of jackfruit and gambooge (Malabar tamarind)

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Jack fruit and gambooge (Malabar tamarind) are the most common fruits in our villages. Most of us don’t eat jackfruit. It has a magical power even to prevent cancer. The former principal of Ayurvedic Medical College Dr. C A Raveendran attested the fact that it should be a must to include jackfruit and gambooge in our diet to keep ourselves away from the risk of cancer.

It is a known fact that nature provides us with everything to keep ourselves healthy. Have seasonal fruit and maintain our health.

A tonic for children made out of jackseed is described in Ayurveda. The brown skin of the seed is medicinal. Preserve the jackseed under dry sand. Take it out, dry and peel off the outer cover. Add jaggery, coconut and mix it with grinded jackseed. Children can use it. This is the best tonic for immunisation.




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