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October 1, 2016 Comments Off on Mohanlal advices Priyadarshan on lissy matter Views: 9330 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Mohanlal advices Priyadarshan on lissy matter

When two people try to stay together, those who oppose are enemies. When two people try to stay away from each other, those who oppose are enemies. This is what Mohanlal had to say to Priyadarshan as an advice about his relationship with Lissy. Priyadarshan says that others could not intervene and solve our problems. The kids will understand our situation, Lissy says being happy away from each other is better than being miserable together in a house.

It was “ego” that divided the couple, according to Priyadarshan.

“The only reason for the problem in my family was ego. I was born and brought up in a conservative family and in my mind the model of a woman is my mother. When we marry, we should not expect our partner to have the same nature as that of our mother. Because it is not possible as she is from a different generation. My parents also loved Lissy more than my sister. All these years I was living in heaven and now we are separated. But my house (in Chennai) still bears the same name- Priyadarshan-Lissy. I know that irrespective of whatever has happened, she still respects me. It was just a problem of ego,” he explained.