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Priyadarshan to remake one of his Mohanlal starrer hits

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Mohanlal big budget films that never released

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When a film that is half done cant be released due to financial problems they are Heartbreaking moments, when directors and producers have to give up on their films. These films could have been huge blockbusters but they were never released so we will never get to see them.

1. Dhanushkodi (1989)

After the success of Aryan, Mohanlal and Priyadarshan had joined hands to do this big budget film featuring Mohanlal as an Investigating Officer against Drug Mafia. Raghuvaran played the drug lord, but the twist shows the real guy behind Raghuvaran is Mohanlal. The big budget Action thriller movie called Dhanushkodi was dropped after the first half because of financial problems.

2. Chodyam (1990)

Director G S Vijayan decided to remake K S Ravikumar’s debut Tamil movie “Puriyatha Puthir” in 1990. Rehman and Captain Raju were cast in this film along with Mohanlal who plays the part of an investigation officer. Actually the film was almost completed but Mohanlal’s role couldn’t creat the expected death in the film, so they have decided to drop the film. It was a big loss for Rahman as he was expecting a big break after Koodevide.

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