Mammootty in Jyothika’s next Film?

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October 25, 2016 Comments Off on Mohanlal won’t be a part of Krishkaimal’s new movie! Views: 5931 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Mohanlal won’t be a part of Krishkaimal’s new movie!

Krishkaimal has been the cameraman for many ad films and his first movie directorial debut was Olappeeppi, which was a success movie and got big applause from the audience. He had once narrated a script to Mohanlal, which he liked. Mohanlal thought the story was an unusual one and had different types of characters in it. But if Mohanlal wants to do this film, it will take at least one and a half years. Till then he has committed to a lot of films and has no date availability to do Krish Kaimal’s film. So, it’s not anyone’s fault but just the fate of events. But the producer has no intention of waiting that long to do a film, so they are looking to cast another hero for the special script. If they don’t find a good protagonist from Malayalam cinema, they are ready to cast a Bollywood star for the film. Before Pulimurugan, Mohanlal used to get at least 3 crores. But now he has raised his fee to 3 and a half crores. KrishKaimal and his producer also cannot agree to such a huge fee, they want to do their film with a minimal budget.

Image credit: (Mohanlal): Manu Mulanthuruthy