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November 21, 2016 Comments Off on Mohanlal has a piece of advice for aspiring art filmmakers Views: 6664 Entertainment, News & Gossips

Mohanlal has a piece of advice for aspiring art filmmakers

Superstar Mohanlal has hit a real purple patch in his career with the earth-shattering success of his latest releases Pulimurukan and Oppam. The actor par excellence has a big following in other languages, especially Telugu. He is adored as a superstar with peerless acting skills. And every filmmaker will aspire to direct this supremely skilled actor. But Mohanlal has his own viewpoint towards the young directors who approach him with projects. Especially to those filmmakers who harbour ambitions about making art films, Mohanlal advises that they should make two or three films that people like so that they can get recognised. They can think about making the films of their choice after that. It is a clear statement about where Mohanlal stands as far as the ambitious young and aspiring filmmakers are concerned.

Photo Courtesy: Sreejeish KV (Mohanlal FB Page)