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Too much time in the toilet, here are the adverse effects

Toilets of modern times are cozy and people love to spend a lot of time there while pooping.Toilets or restrooms for some is a state of being with your own self and for some, it is a time to catch their social media updates. But spending more time than you should actually be spending in there is not ideal. While there has been an emphasis on spending some time in the restroom to defecate properly, spending more than a usual time could lead to a host of different health issues.

It could lead to constipation (Malabandham)
If you keep holding your bowel movement for long, the process gets reversed and results in hardening of waste materials in your body. This further leads to constipation. Thus if you sit for too long on the toilet seat your body will not recognize that your purpose was to defaecate.

Stools Accumulate In colon (Kudalil Visarjyam Kettikkidakkuka)
Constipation leads to accumulation of stools in the colon. This causes the stomach to engorge. This further leads to sharp pain in stomach and tear of tissue line. The tear of skin and tissue line can cause bleeding.

Could cause Haemorrhoids (Moolakkuru)
When you spend the long duration of time in pooping it is quite possible that you are trying to put a pressure on yourself to excrete. This stress on the rectum can lead to haemorrhoids, which is a painful condition in which blood vessels in the rectum get inflamed and cause bleeding in severe cases.

Train Yourself To Not To Sit In Toilet For Too Long
Constipation, colon issues, haemorrhoids and pelvic floor diseases are not easy to live with. Hence it is important for you to train your body to adopt corrective measures. Train yourself to defecate in a span of max 10 minutes to defecate.