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September 20, 2016 Comments Off on Having no friends could be as deadly as smoking Views: 2320 Featured, Lifestyle

Having no friends could be as deadly as smoking

Everyone knows the health risks of not smoking. But did u know a bigger health risk? Having no friends!
Thats right, having no friends could be as deadly as smoking, researchers at Harvard University find.

Without friends you can also have a heart attack soon enough. The young people are more growing isolated with their gadgets and online entertainment. But in the future they might be prone to heart attacks.A hidden link between loneliness and the levels of a blood-clotting protein which can cause heart attacks and stroke. Social isolation hypes stress level, and that results in increase in blood pressure and levels of protein fibrinogen in anticipation of injury and blood loss.

There is a good way to make this all better. Try to make good friends and let the science of laughing and relaxing heal your pressures and tensions. Harvard researchers compared levels of the blood-clotting protein with the numbers of friends and family in a person’s social network and found a striking correlation.As the number of social connections fell, the level of fibrinogen rose.

Dr David Kim of Harvard Medical School had this to say “Social connectedness displays a significant association with fibrinogen. If there is indeed an independent causal relationship between social isolation and fibrinogen and, subsequently, heart disease and stroke, then policies and interventions that improve social connectedness may have health effects even beyond the well-known benefits of improved economic conditions.” So a good friend can also help avoid an early heart attack. Isn’t friendship the best?