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September 24, 2016 Comments Off on No more whatsapp service for those who resist the new policy Views: 6062 Technology

No more whatsapp service for those who resist the new policy

If you are not willing to share your information with Facebook, no more whatsapp for you!
No more whatsapp for you if you protest against the new privacy rules and regulations of whatsapp.

If you don’t agree to the new privacy policy of whatsapp, after this month 25th whatsapp will deny its service to you. Delhi high court made a statement saying that the new rules do not violate any boundaries of the users. The high court approved the ‘go ahead’ to move forward without any barriers. A bench of Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court ordered WhatsApp to delete data of users who choose to opt out of WhatsApp’s policy changes before September 25. A whatsapp council appeared in front of the court and said “There is no question of messages, photographs or documents getting shared with Facebook. We have no access to the content. Using the messaging service is a voluntary decision, we have not forced anybody to use it. Users have an option of opting out of it,” they added.

From September 25th , the new privacy policy will come to being. So only those who want to use whatsapp after tomorrow and are willing to share it with Facebook need to keep using Facebook.