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April 20, 2016 Comments Off on Do not drink cold water in summer! You know why? Views: 2093 Featured, Health

Do not drink cold water in summer! You know why?

It is common that we seek cold water to drink when we feel thirsty during summer. Because we think that drinking cold water in a hot atmosphere will refresh our body. But do you know that cold water will cause to damage your normal health badly? Drink some warm water instead when you feel thirsty.

Cold water slows down the digestive system and over all process of body. We always drink water while having food. It is not a good habit. Because, our body needs to raise the temperature of water before it deal with the food.  So body has to spend some amount of energy to warm the water. This is wasting of energy. Here are some reasons to choose warm water during the summer.

  • Drinking cold water will slow down the nutrient absorption process.
  • Cold water will solidified the food content that will slow down the digestion of fat.
  • It constricts the blood vessels and body cannot hydrate by cold water properly.
  • Drinking cold water weakens the immunity system of the body because it makes excess mucus.
  • Hot water stimulates some enzymes and this can make digestive system better.
  • Warm water can make your body able to detoxify and it is good for kidney, blood and skin too.

So, now stop following rubbishes and do avoid craving for cold water in hot atmosphere. Drink some warm water and feel better!




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