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June 8, 2016 Comments (3) Views: 16423 News & Updates

Not even a single hint of releasing Atlas Ramachandran

Well known Malayalee NRI business man Gulfar Muhammad ali who was there in the Muscat jail was released yesterday. But famous Malayalee jewellery merchant, businessman and owner of Atlas chain of jewellery, Shri. Atlas Ramachandran was not released. He was in Dubai jail for more than a year, imprisoned for three years. Ramachandran was not there in the list prepared by Dubai govt. for Amnesty. Not even a single hint of releasing him is not given as he was the culprit of 100 crore financial.

Muhammadali was arrested at Muscat for bribing higher officials for obtaining distribution licence of petroleum products. He was imprisoned on March 2014. He was released on the Amnesty from the King of Oman following Ramadan.

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