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Do not throw away the banana peels

Bananas are loaded with healthy nutrients, but, did you recognize that you simply will use the banana skin to treat many alternative skin issues, such as: take away warts, treat wrinkles and skin disorder, whiten your teeth. Read this post to know the health benefits of banana peel before you throw them away.

1. Removal of warts from the skin
Warts area unit rally gross and that they are often pretty embarrassing. However, you’ll solve this downside by employing a banana skin. this is often extraordinarily helpful. Banana peels may also assist you eliminate those “stubborn” warts.

Using method: Cut a chunk of the banana skin and place it on the warts. you’ll secure it with a bandage and leave it long. otherwise you will rub the inner aspect of the peel on the affected space.

2. Treat Wrinkles and skin disorder
Bananas area unit loaded with antioxidants and alternative anti-aging properties, that area unit nice for replenishing the skin and hydrating it. In fact, the complete banana is useful. so as to scale back the inflammation and irritation.

Using method: Take a banana skin and rub it over the affected space. you must repeat this method nightly before about to bed,till you get eliminate the skin disorder and wrinkles.

3. Teeth whitening
Banana peels are often extraordinarily economical and useful in lightening your teeth.

Using method: Grab a banana skin and rub it on your teeth each day for five minutes. you’ll notice superb results simply after one week of this lightening technique.

4. Analgesic effects
Banana peel conjointly works nice as an analgesic/ pain relief.

Using method: If you’ve got elements on the body that area unit in pain,you must rub the banana skin on that. As we said, the banana skin works as a tremendous natural analgesic.

5. Cure Pimples
Banana peel is additionally extraordinarily helpful in treating skin problem like pimples.

Using method: Simply rub the banana skin on the affected space. Repeat this method for few days. The result will be visible in few days. Keep applying the peels till the acne disappears.

6. Shoes, Leather and silver polish
Banana peel can be used to polish your leather and silver polish and to make your shoe shining.

Using method: Rub the banana peel on shoe, leather and silver article to make them shine instantly. Wipe of the residual with a clean cloth.

7. Healthy recipe
Banana peel also can be eaten. You can find amazing indian recipes that uses banana peels. They are also used to tender chicken.