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April 19, 2016 Comments Off on Now Death Clock can predict when is the time you are going to die Views: 1174 Lifestyle

Now Death Clock can predict when is the time you are going to die

Scientists of UK are spending their upcoming four years to examine the databases of medical data to determine life expectancy and long term illness. They also made contracts with insurance companies to develop a ‘death clock’ which can predict the time of the death.

The team is now looking for a research on medical data of 3.4 million British citizens. The leader of the research team is Elena Kulinskaya.  “Everything will be of course being anonymous, but we will be able to see statistical life expectancy trends based on large-scale data collected over the long term” said Elena.

According to this research scientist will find and examine the factors which affecting mortality and longevity by analyzing life style choices, medical conditions, and interventions.  By developing this death clock users can be aware of their medical condition and the duration remains in their life. It will help them to live a better life and to care their health much better.



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