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June 5, 2016 Comments Off on Now no need to avoid rice to reduce weigh, all you have to do is… Views: 7088 Featured, Fitness & Wellness

Now no need to avoid rice to reduce weigh, all you have to do is…

Rice is one among the first foods we tend to avoid ,when we decide to reduce our body weight and pot belly. It’s actually a myth that rice causes weight gain, but in real, rice is as good as any food you consume daily, the problem comes when you store all the calories without doing any physical activities, eventually you’ll end up in putting weight on.

The main reason for weight gain is because of rice is high in calories, 250 gms of rice contains 240kalories. Ok now we have a solution for that also, thanks to the researchers of College of Chemical science in Srilankan. You can have as much as rice you want provided you follow this while cooking the rice. All you need to do is add one teaspoon of coconut oil per 150 grams of boiling rice, keep boiling for 40 minutes and keep inside the fridge for 12 hours continuously. The rice cooked this way is found to have 60 % lesser calories.

Take the rice out of the fridge and keep it till it gets cool off to match room temperature and have it after making it hot. When cooking along with coconut oil the resistant starch in the rice gets increased and later it will not get converted in to sugar or fat when it reaches our body, this will be secreted with without down. So rice cooked this way will never make you fat, but make sure physical exercise is part of your life.