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Obesity – means and measures to reduce weight

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Obesity or overweight is the outcome of our changed lifestyle. It is the most complex health issue of our generation. People have become more health and beauty conscious. In fact they are aware of the contents of the food they take in. Some may often enquire about the calories when they order food. Apart from taste, they are more particular in the healthy aspect of the diet.

When people think of weight reduction they wanted to get it done immediately. They can’t wait too long to put it down. The funniest part is that once you start reducing weight by proper dieting, regular exercises and workouts etc in the very next minute, you weigh yourself to check whether you have burned your calories. If found it otherwise, will lose heart suddenly which in turn affects your mental health.

Here are some tips and techniques which should be the part and parcel of your routine which helps you to burn your calories and make you stay fit life long.

1. Drink water before meals.
Water increase our body metabolism and burn calories. Besides, water cleanse the internal organs and improve its functions. Absorption, Digestion, Excretion will be done in fast pace and results in weight reduction. Studies also proves the fact that water plays a vital role in weight reduction.

2. Have coffee
It is a misconception that drinking coffee worsens health and puts on weight. Obviously, adding sugar in the coffee may have some ill effects.Black coffee without sugar is good for health as it increases the metabolism of the body. It contains antioxidants.

3. Take a glucomannan supplement
As the natural means of getting fibre and nutrients have reduced, opting alternatives have become essential. Glucomannan is a fiber supplement that absorbs water and remain in our gut for a while which makes you feel bowel-full and eat less

4. Avoid sugar
Sugar have a leading role in putting up the weight. It is the main villain in most of the lifestyle diseases. But we can’t blame it as a whole. The content in sugar-Carbon,Hydrogen, Oxygen-in varied ratios give rise to different type of sugar called glucose, lactose, sucrose, fructose etc. Some of them may be healthy whereas others are harmful.

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