5 Natural drinks to reduce tummy in just two...

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Obesity – means and measures to reduce weight

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5. Use smaller plates.
The size of the plate in which you have your food determines your weight. It sounds clumsy, but is a fact. This is of course a simple practical idea to put your calories down.

6. Eat more natural food, fibre and count calories
Water,Fruits and vegetables etc are natural foods which prevent weight gain. Fiber is the perfect agent in weight loss. Counting calories simply means that one should have a thorough knowledge about the quantity and quality of intake. Noting it down always will help you to choose healthy food and reduce weight.

7. Brush your teeth after dinner
Seems to be a weird idea, but cleaning your mouth will help you to keep yourselves away from late night snacks. The hygiene concern will stop you from waking up and having food.

8. Sound sleep
Sound sleep is essential for weight reduction. But untimely sleep will harm your health.



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