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April 22, 2016 Comments Off on Why you often face rejection in relationships? Views: 1646 Featured, Relation

Why you often face rejection in relationships?

It is common that you need to face many rejections in your relation. Every relationship teaches you something. There is a saying that relationship is a mirror in which you can see yourself as reflected. A relationship makes you either a very good personality or not. It is applicable to all kind of relationships.  Your family, friends, work, spouse or your love everyone is a big learning platform. Even a stranger can also teach you many things. It can enlighten you. You may get unveiled of many facts even you doesn’t thought yet. Okay! Then what about getting rejected from a relation? What it means someone rejects your hands? How do you feel if you rejected by someone in love? Would you feel bad or hurt? There must be something behind that rejection. You must recognize it.

Then only you can be a better personality. What you must learn from rejection? Here are some facts:

Were you a hook? : Even if you are a man or women being clingy does not look good. If a person feel that your relationship is like a hook that always require depending, they will definitely hesitate to continue with you.

Are you an arrogant? : Arrogance always seems to be bore. If you behave like a narcissist and tends to displaying too much of you this will create a bad impression about you.

Laziness is okay, but not too much: everyone will prompt a little laziness. But if you are a huge lazy person, your partner will walk away without any regret. So ready to do something, learn to take some serious decision at right time. No matter it is about career anything else. Do something positive.

Avoid being a stingy: why are you   not ready to spend money for someone you love most? Spending too much money is not good habit, but you have to spend some amount for them. Otherwise they will feel their relation is less important to you. Thus they will skip you.

Don’t be selfish: selfishness always ruin a relationship. If you are giving importance to only for your wishes and thoughts, it is not worthy. It will lock you in all level. Selfishness must be avoided in all relation.