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April 18, 2016 Comments Off on One metric ton gold recovered from old iPhones Views: 1110 Technology

One metric ton gold recovered from old iPhones

You may collect gold from your old iPhones or iPads if you keep them. Apple Company had revealed this amazing fact last day. The last year Apple Company had recovered 1 metric ton gold from recycled iPads and iPhones.  The company expects that this information will boost up the popularity of Apple among the world wide users.

Apple recovered gold of millions from recycling useless and products recollected from exchanges. The documents were revealed as part of company’s environmental responsibility activities. It point out that the company of Apple gives importance to the environmental protection.

With the gold company also recovered 3 ton silver and 1,300 metric ton copper. A robot called Liam developed by Apple is recovered these gold, silver and copper from old products. It common that using costly metals in smart phones for luxurious look. But in Apple products, the uses of such metals are different. The gold and silver are best electricity conductors and it won’t be rusted quickly. Apple also has a keen hard work to reduce the rate of producing carbon while function the product.



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