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December 22, 2016 Comments Off on Why people tend to close eyes while kissing? Views: 3261 Relation

Why people tend to close eyes while kissing?

Kiss is indeed one of the most powerful ways in which people choose to express their feeling to others. But interestingly, it is found that people tend to keep their eyes closed, while kissing. Now according to reports, after long research, psychologists has finally found a valid reason of it. According to them, closing the eyes helps brain in concentrating on kiss. They also said that it is not possible for brain to focus on any other sensory action while kissing.

Here are few more theories by the researchers…
1. Individual might not want to see themselves while kissing.
2. Open eyes can distract the kisser.
3. Normal human eye can see things between 25 cm to infinity. Thus, it is difficult to look at your partner.
4. It may happen that your partner nose can look bigger in closeup.