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Peter says Mohanlal is different from Tamil and Bollywood stars

Usually Film stars step aside and let their stunt doubles do the stunts. Peter has been the action director of Ghajini, Yanthiran, Ravanan and Bahubali. Peter shares with the media that in all these films, the stars were not willing to do the fight scenes themselves. But he was surprised when Mohanlal volunteered to do the action scenes of Pulimurugan himself. “Working with such a complete actor is my privilege” he added. Peter hein is a precious gift to Indian Cinema, the action sequences he directed have received many standing ovations in the past. Peter Hein is actually a newcomer in Indian cinema. But before leaving the sets of Pulimurugan, Peter hein told Mohanlal that he wanted to direct a film like Drishyam, which even though had no action sequences was thrilling to watch on screen.

Hollywood Stuntman Eric “Newik” Cullet Reveals About Mohanlal’s Stunts!

HI everyone
im gonna try to be clear as much as i can about the movie #pulimuruganand the actor #mohanlal Mohanlal

YES i worked on this movie last january
my job is to be a stuntmen , iv been a stuntmen for 12 years now
so when a production contact me usually its not to be an extra on set..

NO i didn’t know who Mohanlal was until i met him on set im sorry about that im working mostly with american or european production

to reply to all the articles that i saw online … well NO IM NOT A FAN THAT CAME FROM FRANCE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH MOHANLAL COSTUME…
im a professional stuntmen dont play with my reputation like that if you want to know ask me dont say some stupid bullshit like that i really dislike it…!!!! really!!!!!

now to all Mohanlal HATERZZZZ i really respect this man he is 56 years old and all of you behind your computers are saying that he has a stunt double etc etc…can you dad or grand dad can do what Mr Mohanlaldoes?? even you young haters can you do what he does??im sure not , so dont destroy someone reputation because you will never be able to do what he is able to do , and you have to respect this man cuz he is older than you he could be ur dad or ur oncle try to find the meaning of RESPECT , a,d respect the older persons…
i was really impressed by his abilities , he even did some moves that i can’t do..and im 32 and professional stuntmen…
like i said Monhanlal is 56 and can do more than many of us but yes my job is to be a stuntmen… and sometimes im fight choreographer… and sometimes stunt coordinator…and sometimes stunt double..

so please my friends just go to watch the movie , enjoy ur time with ur family and friends and enjoy all the crazy action that the stunt coordinatorPeter Hein did for this film

i can’t wait to see it and i hope you will enjoy watching it as much as i enjoyed working on it

may god bless you all
and stop all the rumors go watch the movie and enjoy the magical moment of our industry