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Practical tips for budget travel

Travel is one of the best methods for self-exploration.But the problem is our savings account and parents are probably not too excited to pay for their wards’ escapades when they’re already saving for college. But here are a few tips which could help in being a budget traveler.

1. Always have a ‘miles’ card
When you’re traveling, always try to travel with flights in affiliation with the flight your miles card is connected to. Add to your miles.

2. Adopt a mode of transport which is flexible
When traveling in India, a flight may be the most convenient, but it is also the most expensive.Always have friends or family traveling with you on a train if it’s an overnight journey.

3. Night travel is best
Traveling in the night is the best way because it will save on a night of accommodation and you won’t really lose out on much day time when you’re doing all the real stuff.

4. Have best friends with you when traveling
When you have many friends who stay in different places, keep in touch with them, because it will help you save a lot of money on accommodation and food.

5. Try finding a guesthouse
Guesthouses are usually more travel-friendly than hotels because they are much cheaper but are still very good options.

6. Live, eat and dress like a local
When you act like a local in a new place, you don’t only feel so much more at home but you’re even treated like an equal.

7. Knowing local languages can be very helpful
India has a million different languages, but knowing a little bit of the local language of the place you’re traveling to can be really helpful.