Beware of these ‘made in China’ foods

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June 21, 2016 Comments (31) Views: 785005 Awareness

Preventive for cancer within five minutes

Scientists discovered a fruit that can uproot cancer cells within minutes. Dr. Glen Boyle and his team of QIMR Bergofer Medicinal Research Institute, Brisbane, discovered this fruit in Northern Queensland.

The fruit is obtained from Blushwood thickly grown in the mangroves of Northern Queensland. The scientists started their experiments immediately after its discovery.

The drug EBC-46, which is made from the essence of this fruit, is injected on animals like cat, dog etc having cancer. Later its action was evident on the affected area. Within days nodes are reduced to normal. Anyway Science is looking forward for its magical action on human beings too. Scientists claim that this fruit is highly effective for cancers on head and neck.